Makeup inspiration? I’m sure you can find some, on these BEAUTY GURUS’ YouTube Channels.

I love beauty since I was a kid. Growing up I started to search sources of inspiration in fashion & beauty magazines, books, articles and now online. I feel very lucky to be part of this beauty generation, a generation that has access to such an impressive amount of information and inspiration for free.

When I started doing make-up, not so long ago (~ 2 years), I was a little bit bewildered. I was constantly looking at pictures of amazing make-up looks done by the famous MUA and I just tried to analyze each and every little detail to improve my skills.

Everything turned much more easier when I discovered YouTube Make-up Tutorials. Michelle Phan was my first inspiration and would remain my most loved beauty guru. Since that moment, I just discovered more talented video bloggers or even real MUAs that do Make-up Videos on Youtube. Here is a list of my top 10 favourite beauty gurus. *No particular order, I love all in the same way.

1.Kathleen Lights


She is not a professional MUA, but her skills are impressive! I love her taste, she mostly makes feminine, natural looks and she is also very funny. I enjoy the fact that she uses all kinds of products, from luxury to drugstore. See her videos here.

2. Jordan Liberty

Jordan L

I simply adore this man! He is a professional MUA with such amazing skills, charisma and also very smart. His videos are extremely well organised. Besides make-up, he is also good on video and photography and this is clearly visible when you watch his high quality materials. On his channel you can find  a variety of looks, from editorial to more wearable ones. Each & every video is very clear, easy to follow and really enjoyable. Visit his chanel here.

3.Tati a.k.a. GlamLifeGuru


This is one of the most amazing beauty gurus! She posts 5 videos/week! This is insane, I can’t honestly understand how organised is this woman and how much she works for her content. I watch her mostly for product reviews rather than actual make-up tutorials. I really like that her videos are divided by categories & each topic is, in my opinion, very useful and well thought: ‘HOT OR NOT’, ‘WHAT’S NEW’, ‘OMG’ etc. She also uses and tests products from luxury to drugstore. Watch Tati here.

4. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge

Official MUA of Lancôme & amazing ARTIST. Her hands touched the most famous faces, she has endless covers for the biggest fashion magazines. Lisa is also extremly smart and kind. When I watch her, I just get inspired instantly. No more words, watch her videos here.

5. Ali Andreea

Andreea Ali

I’m proud to talk about my Romanian ladies, especially when it comes to Andreea. The first time I watched her videos I fell in love with her voice! I feel like listening to her is extremely relaxing. She is a professional MUA, working for Anastasia Beverly Hills, and you can tell it by every look she does. Subscribe to her channel here.



I feel like this woman emanates so much sexiness. She has a feminine touch on every look she does. I watch her every time when I feel like I want a HOT appearance. Visit her channel here.

7. Wayne Goss


Another fabulous MUA. Watching his videos you can definitely feel and tell that he worked a lot in the industry and he knows exactly what he’s talking about. One of the main reasons I enjoy watching Wayne is his extreme passion and lust. Also, he is always very real with his followers, he has videos where he explains the things that are just apparent and not actually true in the beauty industry. Follow him here.

I hope you’ll love these beauty gurus as much as I do & they will inspire you as much as they constantly inspire me!

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