Levi’s, Adidas, ACNE, you name it!

This is the kind of love/hate trend. You either adore wearing basic branded tees and would pair them with everything, you either hate them to death and think they are tacky and stand off-ish. This is my confession.

To tell you the truth, I was really confused for a long time. At first, I hated it (mainly because of the all-mighty Gucci t-shirt), then I started to slowly change my mind (due to the Levi’s shirt). I might sound bipolar right about now but I am a general fan of plain t-shirt & ladylike skirts/shorts + heels so I thought why not try a branded t-shirt as well. Could it hurt? Right when I was warming up to the idea, APC launched their fall/winter collection and that’s when I fell in love with the Hiver 87 model. Not really a logo tee, but very close to that border.

So now you know! I stamped my approval on them, as long as the letters G, U, C, C and I are nowhere in sight. Here is part of the reason I like them: versatility!

I will agree they look great with jeans (everything looks great with jeans), but I love them paired with more classy pieces like silk suits, embroidered skirts, embellished jackets or super high heels. Here are some shopping options below, you already know I’m a huge fan of the Hiver model from APC, a big fan of Levi’s and a new fan of the Friends franchise model. So, hello, credit card!

  1. LEE T-shirt, here
  2. Jaquemus T-shirt, available at Neiman Marcus
  3. Marc Jacobs tee, here
  4. Adidas number, here
  5. APC blouse, here
  6. Moschino colored tee, from Farfetch
  7. Levi’s T-shirt, here
  8. Karl Lagerfeld Paris, here
  9. Fred Perry Bella Freud, here
  10. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania T-shirt, here
  11. Love Tommy, here
  12. FRIENDS, from Urban Outfitters

Street style photos come from: fashionmenow.co.uk, T r e n d 2 W e a r, whowhatwear