Cream of the Parisian crop: the French beret

Don’t you love the accessories that are so simple, yet they can totally change an outfit? Of course, a hat can ruin any look if it doesn’t suit the occasion or your face shape.

The Story

The beret is older than you can imagine. This flat felt hat was made to protect the head but also as a distinctive sign for different communities or military groups.

The origin of the word is béarnais and it became popular among the Gascons and Basques. Also called “capet” this headpiece was usually made from wool. Nowadays you can find it in various fabrics such as cotton, leather or mohair.

The Style

You can definitely go for a black felt French beret and keep it forever. But since it’s on trend now, maybe you can play more. Let’s say you could try leather. A fine nude colored leather beret is feminine and nice. Still a textured leather red or bottle green one can be amazing!

Wide-leg trousers look great with a French beret because altogether they elongate the silhouette. Therefore why not combine the two? 

The French beret also looks stylish with a fur collar or with a long knitted scarf! Mix them with a classic trench coat and sporty shoes for a contemporary feel.

If you like message t-shirts or sweaters, then a message beret is a cute gift for yourself this December. You’ll find below two hints. Can’t decide which one is funnier!

Of course, the pearl or star embellished berets are fashionable in 2017! Wear them with spaghetti strap dresses and relaxed-fit cardigans when out with the gang.

Now let’s see what’s to shop on the online stores, from 30 to 700 euros.

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Photos: Pinterest