We need to have a serious conversation. About gifts. About the art of gifting. And about how Advent Calendars are the best pre-gift or actual gift you can ever give anyone you love. I think it’s the element of surprise, the 24 consecutive days of expectation and joy, the 24 little things just waiting to be discovered. Oh, the thrill.

Add the opportunity to gift something passion or self-care related and you know what’s on your shopping list for the season. Now, since you’ve gathered that I love Advent calendars, I’d also love to talk about what Douglas has in store. Because it’s something awesome!

They have six different types of calendars, bot for women and men, just waiting to be gifted! Created for the make-up aficionados, for the skincare gurus and for the practical, yet dapper, gentlemen, they save you a lot of trouble and bring rivers of happiness.

I would actually gift myself (yes, I do that sometimes) with the skincare set – it looks like a yummy assembly – picture no 4 that it! Think long and hard about which one is fit for which one of your friends, you don’t want to start some sort of Advent calendar quarrel, do you?

Last pice of info, they range from 26 to 42 euros and are available online or in stores.