Useful tips & tricks for little makeup mistakes we all do!

These make-up mistakes are so common that everyone should know a few little tips and tricks in order to correct or avoid them. No more stress!



This is a tough one. Since I’ve been doing professional make-up, I have found out that the scariest thing for women is to do their eyeliner wings. I always said: it’s not necessarily important to have them perfectly done, but to know how to correct them. It’s actually pretty simple and not so stressful at all. If your wings are not even, you can take a dot of makeup remover on a cotton tip and erase the mistake. After you removed the excess product, take a small amount of foundation or concealer on a brush to refresh the area (so it won’t look patchy). Voila! No more fear of  the cat-eyes!


woman with curlers apply eye shadow

I always suggest, when doing strong eye looks, or the ones that involve fallout, do your eyes first and then the face. It’s so much easier to clean up on skin than to clean up on foundation. If you forgot this rule, and you already applied your foundation, another technique is to set little by little and blend very well. When it comes to eyeshadows, it’s easier to avoid mistakes rather than correct them.

There is also the ‘powder method’ where you apply a good amount of powder underneath your eyes for the shadow to fall on, and then brush that away at the end. I don’t necessarily encourage the latter because sometimes this “trick” leaves your under eye area extremely heavy looking.



Even if I constantly apply mascara without mistakes on my clients, when it comes to me, I always end up with mascara all over my face and eyes. I got used to this, I don’t stress out too much because I found out that mascara mistakes are very easy to correct. The secret is to wait until the mascara is completely dry, just after this take a cotton tip or a brush and softly wipe away the product. It won’t leave any patches, it will just flake off. If you don’t wait for it to dry, you will end up with black dots all over the area.

Hope you will find these tips & tricks helpful!

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