Bring your skin into the spotlight! A product that you don’t want to miss, the FACE Primer.

Skin is definitely the key element of any make-up, this is why skincare is so important and it should be a priority in any women’s routine. In order to start applying make-up, you should have a good, even “canvas” to start with; priming is also a very important step that prepares the skin for make-up. There are different types of primers, according to their action they can help with: color correcting, smoothing the skin, oil controlling, hydrating, illuminating, bronzing or longevity of make-up.

In order to pick the perfect primer for your skin, you should know the following: what look you want to achieve and what kind of complexion you have (oily, normal, dry, acne, wrinkle, sensitive or combination). You can also combine primers and use more than one on the face, each one in a different area, according to the needs, for example, if you have dry skin and you get oily only in the “T zone” you can use a hydrating primer all over the face and a mattifing one only in that zone. Also, if you want to color correct only in certain areas, you may apply different colors on the areas, for instance, if you get redness around your nose or on the cheeks you should apply a green color correcting primer on those areas, or if you have dark eye circles, use a peachy – orange primer on those.

I will list here some of my favorite primers and tell you a little bit about each other and what is best for.

#1 MAKE UP FOREVER – Skin Equalizer: this brilliant range of primers covers almost all the needs, there are 11 types that you can choose from, it’s impossible not to find the perfect one(s) for you: Mattifying Primer, Smoothing Primer, Radiant Primers (6 Shades), Redness Correcting Primer, Hydrating Primer&Nourishing Primer. Details here.

makeup forever primer

#2 BENEFIT – The Porefessional – Base De Teint: the best pore minimizing primer I have tried, this may be your best friend if you have large pores, it fills them and it gives a very smooth appearance to the skin, almost photoshop-ed. Details here.

Benefit the-porefessional

#3 NYX – Angel Veil: this almost feels like a combination between a smoothing primer and a brightening one, it’s very soft on the skin, it evens it out and it also fills in the fine lines, as the name says, it gives your skin an angelic feeling. Details here.


#4 EMBRYOLISSE Lait – Crème Concentré: moisturizes and primes the skin very well, it can be use on young and mature skin, it gives a clean canvas & it melts into the skin without leaving it greasy.Details here.



#5 BENEFIT That Gal Brightening Primer: a smooth, light reflecting formula, ideal for lighter complexions that adds a subtle glow to the skin, giving you a FRESH & young appearance. If you have great skin, you don’t even need to apply foundation on top of this primer, because the effect is so youthful and you don’t want “to ruin” it. Details here.

Benefit that gal

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