The 90’s are back with all the glam and glitz!

While NY Fashion Week is in full deployment take some time to admire Tom Ford’s new collection. I would say it’s a guaranteed success as he mixes all the elements that made him famous: the man suits, the sexy cuts & the sky high heels.

As Vogue reports, invitations for the show came with a bottle of the designer’s latest fragrance, Fucking Fabulous, as a preview of what was about to come. The front row was dominated by Tom’s celebrity friends, led by Julianne Moore, Kim Kardashian West, and Chaka Khan.

So, the main item of the collection – the reinvented suit – stole all the limelight. With its new sexy cuts & feminine approach, the suit is now a desirable item for every fashionista wardrobe out there. Ford didn’t stray much from his all-time signature, keeping it to classic black or pairing the jacket with some sparkly number.

Add some low cut body suits, some exaggerated 90’s shoulders and curve hugging dresses and you pretty much got the picture of Ford’s new collection. Black works best with pastels & nudes, but the designer successfully broke this palette with hot pink, powerful blue and a memorable orange.

Take some time to enjoy our selection below or the entire collection on Vogue’s dedicated page.