And not to share with the entire planet!

If you’re a strict follower of the trends, you may say sneakers are on their way out. If you’re a close street style trends follower, you’ll know they’ll be here some time on. And if you’re like me, you’ll believe in the change. THE CHANGE sounds big, but it’s actually a shift. From the common sneaker brands & Balenciaga alike models (YUK), to less known, but hiper brands.

And if we weren’t called Hip Boulevard maybe we wouldn’t have a say in this. But we are and we have. Here are 3 brands I predict a bright future for, in the near future. Yes, I’ve tried them, they’re TTS!


They’re a French brand which has slowly, but surely conquered the big retailers. You can find them everywhere now, from Galleries Lafayette to net-a-porter or farfetch. What started with just few basic models, it has now evolved into new pieces every season, which include the staple white kicks and some colourful options. Also, check out their sports section – they may be a fashionable alternative for your workouts.

Now, another hype thing about VEJA – they are vegan, they work with upcycle materials, produce in work safe countries, they work in fairtrade processes and are totally transparent about how and why they do all that. Tune in to their website to take a look at the entire story (and add some sneakers to your soul list).


Now, this is the biggest discovery of my summer. Also a French brand, taking the sneaker world by surprise. They started with some summery looks to cool down the heat of Paris, to now tune into killer winter combinations – animal print & cozy insoles. All pieces are made in Spain in limited series so when you set your heart on something, go for it.

Oh, and everything you need to know about the brand and start loving it, is this: Canal Saint Martin is the sneaker of your festival, your first date, your friend’s trip, your stylish party and your relaxed professional appointment.


Going North now, to a Danish brand, with a spectacular international evolution. In less than one year they went from small shops in Copenhagen to the biggest retailers and the hearts of sneaker-heads all around the world. Now, the main think about ARKK is that once you see one, you will recognise them without any issue.

They set their mind to breathe the Scandinavian tradition of functional design and quality craftsmanship into every stitch and shoelace (contextual joke). And you’ll get just that – a sneaker with great design and ultra comfort.

And now you know all my secrets for fun, cool and fashionable sneakers. I’ll keep adding to the collection and brands to follow and have you updated. Until then, what’s your discovery to share?