You might say it’s just a pair of boots, but we’ll say it’s a challenge to master this perfect balanced look. And acquire the boots, but that’s a different story.

The plot is as follows: Balenciaga invented the perfect metallic boots – not too shiny, not too edgy, not too high – THE PERFECT combination for any fashion fool out there. Since its launch it has been a favorite among celebrities, Kim Kardashian being the early adopter of the bunch. Now everybody wants a pair of these shiny treasures, but if the price wasn’t prohibitive enough (around $800) they are sold out in most places.

Tough luck you would say, but we are here for the rescue, with some affordable alternatives that will give you the much needed dose of shine without leaving a big, sparkly hole in your wallet.

Style wise, these boots are perfect with toned down outfits, denim pieces, woolly knits and boho hats. You can try to pair them with something fancier but make sure it’s not too much – we need to see you underneath all that outfit. So here is some inspiration & some shopping tips, right on time for Christmas.

metallic-boots metallic-boots metallic-boots

Get your click-click face on, because we’re about to do some shopping!

  1. Asos metallic boot, to shop here
  2. Dune cracked metallic boot, here
  3. Asos platform metallic, here
  4. Dune metallic boot, here
  5. Topshop chelsea boot, here
  6. Urban Outfitters boots, here