Enhance your look by using the best false eyelashes!

Just as eyeshadow placement can change and enhance your eye shape, the eyelashes can be a showstopper in any eye look. It took me some time to learn about how important eyelashes are in any make-up. They can change the eye shape, add that sparkle in your eyes and even create a more seductive appearance.

I never encouraged a fake effect, I don’t usually like anything that doesn’t look natural (only if it’s not meant to look that way). Therefor I always use and recommend false eyelashes that only add that extra umph to the eyes.

Another aspect that I always take in consideration when using false eyelashes is the level of comfort, it is very important for me and my clients to feel extra comfortable and confident while wearing my make-up. Also, the lashes need to stick very well, without having the risk of unglue, that is not the most flattering look.

I will start with my favourite Eyelash Glue by MAKE-UP ATELIER PARIS – hands down, the best eyelash glue I have come across until now, very tacky, dries fast enough and it stays all day. So find the details here.


Now, let’s see my favourite false eyelashes!

#1 ARDELL Knot free Individual Lashes – the most natural effect, yet so spectacular! Find them here.


#2 RED CHERRY no. 68 – achieve that perfect doll – eyes effect for a playful look. Get them here. 


#3 MELKIOR Lovely Eyes – for adorable looks, just as the name suggests. Details here.


#4 ARDELL Accents 318 – go for that Cat Eye effect by adding these on the outer corners of the eyes and winged eyeliner! Find them here.


#5 CUPIO Lash Amazon N320 – of course, this top won’t be complete without a whispy pair of lashes! Details here.


Wish you the best looking and comfortable lash day!

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