A necessary guide, as it totally amps your look!

Can’t say that I’ve been a long time fan of head scarfs, but when something like this hits me, it hits me hard. Now I’ve got some pieces in my collection and I’m constantly researching ways to tie them up easy & funky.

The head scarf is a very versatile piece: it can take your look to boho-chic, gangsta cool, romantic lady, ’60s fashionista, playful princess, you name it! And there are no rules or regulations, you can tie them however you want, match them with whatever you want and create stories for your look as diverse and crazy as you want. And if you get bored with them or just go to a place where they don’t belong, just take them off and wear them with a tidy knot around your neck or as a cool fabric bracelet. So many options!

Now, my guide for wearing the head scarf is very simple, just follow some basic rules and you’re good to go:

  • pick a silk scarf – they are the best!
  • go for a medium size – not to small, to look childish, not too long, to wrap your head around twice
  • if you go for a colorful scarf, try to tone it down with your outfit a bit – don’t look like a clown!
  • use them to perfect a look, match them with the rest of your accessories
  • pair them with some cool make-up and a bold lip.

That’s it! Get some inspiration below and you’re good to go!

Oh, and if you feel a sudden need to tie a head scarf but haven’t got one yet, just raid your boy’s closet – he must have a big handkerchief for his suit!

Shopping time!

  1. ASOS Chevron print scarf, here
  2. ASOS Paisley bandana, here
  3. J Crew Whale bandana, here
  4. Marc Jabos headscarf, here
  5. Michael Kors stripey scarf, here
  6. Gucci Chain, here
  7. Tory Burch Elephant, here
  8. Tory Burch Square, here

And here is a tutorial for you! Welcome!

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