That is a really fashionable question!

You wouldn’t believe it, right? That in the great year of 2018 you’d feel the urgent need to go back to nature for your chic-est accessories. But here you have it! The wicker baskets and wooden bags are all the rage and you need to get on that train.

Where to pick them? EVERYWHERE! From the biggest household names to handmade ateliers to old ladies in the country side. From your local IKEA store, your farmer’s market or some cool Instagram accounts, you can find them anywhere. The big play is to pick the right (and unseen before) shape & formation.

Why wear them? Because they are a fun & fresh accessory, which, I give you that, may not last long, but you cannot say no. They are delightful!

How to wear them? My favorite question! Please do not pair them with “heavy materials”, keep your outfits light and colorful – flowy dresses and sandals, jeans & mules, colorful suits & sneakers. Think nature & natural combinations and you can’t go wrong. And if you still can’t see them working for you, here is some Pinterst-y inspiration.

Oh, and in the end I must confess – I got a little bit of a craze with them – 3 are already waiting in my closet from last summer and 2  more (for now) are on my shopping list – they come from Zara if you we’re wondering!