Although I’m in a non-shopping faze, I cannot not swoon over summer pieces that will make my life better, nicer, happier. You know, all good clothes & accessories do such a thing.

So here they are, in no particular order, the things I would (and will) buy in a heartbeat!

#The Kooples belt bag

I was looking for such an item for almost an year now and nothing was fashionable and not hipster-y, until this baby came along. I’m torn between yellow and teal, although black would be the most sensible choice. Oh, the hardship of buying a small, expensive bag. You can see more on their website and shop it here – do make sure to leave one in stock for yours truly.

 #The Summer Hat from Fandacsia

All handmade and with an added touch of chic for long days on the beach or romantic getaways! I love this brand’s pieces and I’m sure you will as well. I imagine this hat with a flowy black linen,  Anglais embroidery dress and espadrilles. Order one for yourself, here.#A memorable summer dress

Designer pieces are timeless investments so this is what I dream of at the moment – A natural fabric a la Marinière midi dress. The right choice for long days in the city when you just can’t stop daydreaming about a fruity cocktail and that sea breeze on your bare legs. Buying into my dream now? Get this dress as well!

#The Espadrilles

And not just any summer shoes, but the Miss KG pair that clearly states the office is not on your mind. We’re planning on a matchy-catchy duo here at Hip Boulevard with this model, so shop as fast as you can. You can find the link here, it’s on ASOS, so you already know about their free and quick delivery.

#The Swimsuit

I’m not much of a beach lover, but I do appreciate a good swimsuit. It’s the one piece that really appeals to me, as it’s sexy without being flashy. For this season my pick is this retro Oasis model, with a tropical print. I won’t mind if you get it as well, so here is the shopping link.

Hope my choices inspire you for your 5 summer essentials and I would love to know what are your must buys this season.

Main photo: Sincerely Jules