Oh, la, la!

Yes, Cannes Film Festival started and we’re back in business. I was really looking forward to this European display of elegance and I wasn’t disappointed. Especially that we get to see new outfits & celebrities each night of the festival, so it’s an event that keeps on giving!

So, while cruising the Riviera (of the elle.com website) here’s what I noticed as main trends for Day 1 at Cannes:

  • embroidery – as much as possible, maybe even covering the entire dress. A fresh look in sight at this point, so I am pleased with the choices the young celebrities made.
  • nude – like right out of the bathroom nude silk pieces – not bad, but lots of variations of the look for models & socialites so I’ll pass. (you don’t need another article about Bella Hadid and her small mishap.)
  • bright colors – for dresses and (girls) suits – they were a nice disruption
  • mature actresses looking sharp – a loud & cheerful shoutout to Susan Sarandon & Julienne Moore – my all time favorites

We’ll be back with the reporting tomorrow, stay tuned & enjoy the view.

Pictures come from elle.com where you can see a wider selection of looks.