A short guide on how to choose vases

There is such a great diversity of vases that you sometimes feel overwhelmed when entering a décor store or an online déco shop. Ceramic, porcelain, glass, crystal – how can you choose right?

Firstly, you need to take into consideration the style of the house. Sounds vague and pretty obvious but many of us have vases collected over time from our parents or all sorts of gifts. For many years we gave this object just a practical purpose, ignoring its look. When interior design, vase and flowers are in harmony – your house can change in an unexpected way!

Second, choose vases that suit the flowers you receive or buy for yourself. How many times did you have to cut in half the tails or to do all sorts of tricks to put the plants in some water? Improvised plastic bottles, a large mug :)) I don’t know about you but I feel they’re not doing justice to the beautiful flowers. This is not a way to create a lovely green corner!  One recommendation would be to have 3 vases of different sizes: tall vase with narrow neck, square or rectangular, small base with wide neck.

Vases for Peonies, Ranunculus/Buttercup and Dahlias

These lush flowers bring instant happiness. Choose vases that are a bit similar to a bubble in order to emphasize the bloom.

ranunchulus vasedahlia how to choose vase

How to choose vases for Iris, tulips and Calla flowers

A normal cylinder can fit the rich foliage of these species. This shape gives them more drama. Choose vases that are transparent and super tall to highlight a callas’s silhouette for example. Go for short clay ones to place large bouquets.

calla flowers vasetulips flowers vaseVases for single roses, hydrangeas or orchids

Vases with a bottle shape are beautiful for single flowers! With a vintage patina, teracotta, matte porcelain – you name it! Sometimes one piece of hydrangea can be more impactful than a huge bouquet.

single rose vases single choose vases

Here are a few designs you can shop online. Sure, mix&match is trendy right now but I would recommend you to play with similar styles in different sizes.

Green vase here / Bottle vases here / Ceramic vase here


All photos via Pinterest.