Skin is IN, be it summer or winter. It can get dry or super oily, no matter how much water you drink or SPF you use. Here are 3 masks you can choose from: high quality ingredients, super results. 

This skincare category gets more and more diverse, which makes us very happy. Tissue or sheet masks are becoming so popular, therefore an extra reason to present to you two brands that we love: Biotherm and Lancome.

Acne skin

Aqua Pure Flash Mask is a second-skin hydrating mask which replenishes and refines skin. It is formulated with Salicylic Acid and Life Plankton water, a regenerating ingredient exclusive to Biotherm.

Lifeless skin

Aqua Glow Flash Mask infuses skin with intense hydration, thanks to the powerful combination of Vitamin C and probiotic Life Plankton water. Great to apply during your nighttime routine, before the anti-aging serum from the same collection.

Tired skin

The Absolue Regenerating Brightening Cream Mask is coated with Lancome’s iconic Soft Cream with Grand Rose Extracts, infused with 24K gold. Instant benefit? Radiant skin and a young-looking appearance. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes. Use it once per week for formidable rejuvenation!

lancome gold sheet masks

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