You don’t need one. You need at least two funny pillows to switch to a funnier mood.

Any decor detail can change the whole picture, be it a wallpaper, a blanket, a huge vase or a curtain. Today I chose to write about those pillows that have funny messages, prints or shapes. What do you say? 

I actually have no idea what’s harder: to keep a relationship nice and smooth or to always have a cool, creative home. If you don’t feel like putting a pillow on his mouth every time he speaks, then you are on the right path. If he’s a keeper, head here. If she’s a catch, just kiss her.

funny pillow-she-a-catch

I hope you never thought of printing your selfie on a pillow! Let the artists handle this job of making beautiful items for the home. Like this cute face pillow by The Craft Lab. Use it together with those deck chairs I recommended here for an outdoors update. Click for details.

thecraftlab funny pillow

Yes, this is a pillow. It won’t keep you warm but it’s so fantastically amusing. Imagine you are still allowed to pillow fight. This could be your secret weapon 🙂 Read more.



Pinky swear these are for adults too. Match them with other pastels in a cosy livingroom or place the pillows next to neon hues for a pop inspired interior decor. Bear necessity? Click here. Follow the arrow or click here for the second item.

Bear Ferm funny_pillow funny deco pillow