The ultra-premium beauty and skincare brand Helena Rubinstein just celebrated 120 years on the market. Launched as an eponymous brand, it became no 3 in France and it is here exclusively through Douglas.

What makes these products so special? Well, years of innovation and collaboration with top clinics and scientists. The hyper concentrated formulas make the face creams and serums an incredible advantage for every woman who wants to look her best.

The iconic lines – Powercell Skinmunity, Prodigy Cellglow and Re-Plasty reflect the brand’s innovative approach towards beauty, working to fight wrinkles, fatigue and lack of elasticity in the skin using active ingredients. The result? Cellular level effects that make a difference.

During the event we benefited from a skin analysis by the grace of artificial intelligence. The smart device showed us which are the main problems we should focus in terms of beauty routine. Let’s just name a few: glow, eye wrinkles, dark circles. You can enjoy this first class service too, every weekend.


Products available at Douglas, Băneasa Shopping City, and Vivo! Shopping Mall – Cluj. Check more at