Got your book & tea cup ready?

Not yet winter, but so close of the long evenings spent indoors. Kind of miss the feeling, kind of not, but just in case, we should really be prepared! So, as the weekend approaches you can start planning on how your reading corner will look like. FUN!

I gathered some inspiration for the ones who don’t have the patience or time to browse ALL of Pinterest and I can tell you some of the items you must have on your shopping list:

  • A hugging armchair or day bed or sofa bed – depending on your space and other items in the room
  • A warm rug
  • A very warm blanket
  • A leg rest of some kind – a small chair, a knitted piece, a stash of books
  • A small table for your convenience – big tea cup coaster & crunches munchies

Here are some variations of the beloved reading corners, so that you can fit it in any type of home deco you favour.

Feel free to send us pics with your reading corners, we’re super curious to your whereabouts!