No need for a park when you have indoor swings

Some of us don’t like going to a park to relax but love a good swing. Literally! Lots of inspiration below, don’t forget to tell us in a comment what you’d choose for your home.

This large swing can be the focal point of a livingroom. You can build it yourself if you have the time and skills, otherwise ask a friend. The white background is a plus, also the tasseled cover or the 1001 nights-type pillows. This is a corner for beautiful memories. Don’t forget your agenda!

indoor swings

This textile swing surrounded by plants is a hippie idea that is so easy to improvise in your private space. Therefore, give it more outdoorsy charm by adding some lights from one corner to another.

indoor swing

Now this is a good reason to spend more time in your bedroom. This immaculate swing is feminine indeed which means that it’s booked just for you. Reading and swiping through Instagram just got a new meaning!

swing bedroom

Suspended from the ceiling, this wood and rope bed is such a wonderful interior piece that will recall holidays by the sea. The sheer drapes, old window frames and natural plants compliment the whole relaxed vibe of the set-up. Swing, swing, in the wind!

swing bed

The kids would love one, how could we forget about them? Indoor swings are a cute surprise you can prepare as a birthday gift! Add a few colorful pillows and toys to make it more playful!

swing kids room

Thank you for scrolling down with great interest 😉