Power is good, fragility is even better sometimes and clothes can hide these messages in a subtle manner. By using ancient symbols or meaningful colors. Therefore, I’m going to fill this day with KAN outfits that match different moments.

Since it’s Thursday already, why not talk about pampering, sun and parties. And a little rain. So sip a latte and enjoy this piece of relaxation!


During summer, my favorite daytime activities would be swimming to gain some strength, sunbathing for an hour and reading on a terrace, forgetting about the world. Then some emails and a cold-cold lemonade.

The Under the Sea kaftan dress is probably my favorite from their collection. Just by looking at it I know I want to travel more. Where to next? Mykonos, Hydra, Biarritz?

kan white kaftan

Sunset by the sea

Sunsets are just magical. Those colors and the tranquility before the buzz of the night out… Invite me to dinner and I’ll come dressed up in an effortless mini and an embroidered cape, plus some seashell rings. The conversation can start with “a prosecco, please”.

embroidered cape KAN

Party with KAN? Yes, I can

I love parties, no reason to hide it! Since I’m usually dancing until morning light, I need a jacket just in case. So, a crop top or a lace camisole and a cool short skirt will do the trick. This sequin open jacket from KAN is both eye-catching and chic, therefore a magnificent investment.

KAN Brand sequin jacket

How did your summer start? Drop a comment below to make me jealous! 😀