You don’t have to be Nostradamus (himself under this zodiac sign) to make a good shot when it comes to shopping for a Sagittarius.

What I know about the Sagittarius people I’ve met is that they are super hard working. They forget about themselves in completing their tasks and rarely complain. They don’t need a statue, maybe just a status. Let’s see the list you may want to take into consideration this year.

This sweet accessory is beautiful in any season. Your friend will love the embroidery but also the black tie-neck. Offer it if you know there are plenty of knits in her wardrobe that can be matched with it. Nordic Sea collar by Red Valentino here.


It’s always a good idea to search for a cool agenda for a Sagittarius. As I said above, they have plenty of good stuff to note down every single day. Find the fashionable&fun Read My Lips set here.

lips-agenda shopping for a sagittarius

The Boudoir black lace bra is a feminine accent they will accept in their … agenda. The unlined triangle cups with an oversized silk-satin bow look ravishing! Surely this piece can be teamed with an XXL shirt but also with a sheer white T-shirt for a dash of spice.

Fleur of England lace bra here.



Can’t go wrong with denim if you know her size! What do you think about a pair of relaxed fit ripped design? Great for heels but also for sneakers and a printed t-shirt. If she loves accessories, then buy also a vintage belt with an interesting buckle.

New Look jeans here.


Are you shopping for a Sagittarius man? This is a sophisticated choice for him. The smooth black leather and elegant perforations will put the Burberry pair on top of his shoe list.

Burberry shoes here.


Would love to see your suggestions. Put them down in words 🙂