By show of hands, who likes a good suit?

I think we are all impressed by this item, but some of us are afraid of looking too stiff or masculine. While these attributes may not be bad, here is our go-to guide for wearing a suit the most modern way possible.

The ideas you’ll see below should work as inspiration for your day wear – office, school, meetings, working at a cafe – please be careful how you wear your suit in the evening – the right fabric, the right cut, the right accessories and of course, the right attitude. We’re loving both the skinny leg and the flair leg, so please do not discriminate either.

#The Classic Suit – you may already own one, but accessorizing is paramount – choose some sexy stilettos for a very feminine look or pair the suit with your favorite sneakers. Feel free to add belts, earrings and a statement purse. I would pair this type of suit with a natural makeup and red lips. Oh, and please don’t wear only navy, black and grey – take a plunge and go for pink, baby blue or pale yellow. Thank me later.

#The British Inspired Suit – you know the classic British fabrics, they need no introduction. Keep your look clean and your accessories smart and your look will surely be a head turner.

#The Color Suit – I know I preached about pastels earlier, but now I’m talking full on color. Be it fuchsia, bright yellow, lime green – whatever sparkles your imagination, give it a try. We just ask you to, please, please, pair it with neutral blouses / T-shirts / shoes, you got it. Don’t go color crazy, just keep it stylish.

#The Hot Suit – this category basically includes the suits we’d wish in our wardrobe ASAP. Featuring at the moment: the metallic suit and the pajama suit. Wear them proud and sexy, that’s all I have to say.

#The Exotic Suit – last, but not least, here are the mother-of-crazy suits. Florals, pinstripes, dots, cartoons, graffiti, you name it. Take your imagination out to play. Again, be careful how you pair them, you don’t want to look like the coo-coo lady.

And now if you’re in a shopping frenzy for suits, here are some suggestions.


  • Black Brandon Maxwell Suit, here
  • Giorgio Armani Houndstooth suit, here
  • Yellow Mauro Griffoni, here

Thanks for stopping by, see you at the next meeting of ladies wearing suits.