This fall is all about Creamy Lipsticks!

 The Matte Liquid Lipstick trend is almost gone, all the rage now is about satin or a creamy matte finish. The only thing that we want to keep though, is the intense pigment. Even if you are not wearing a really matte or even drying lipstick, you still want to keep that intense colour for a few hours.

Of course, if it’s not completely matte, it can’t really last for such a long period on the lips, but you can always touch up and this time it will be even more easy because it can’t flake or get too thick like a liquid matte one. Also, you will definitely feel more confortable and the lips will look more juicy!

Let’s get to my top 5 favourite satin or matte creamy lipsticks:

#1 MAC ‘Peachstock’ – satin finish

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is one (if not really) my fvourite nudes of all time. It has a warm peach undertone and it’s also light enough to show up like a nude on more fair light tones. You can literally pair this with anything! If you feel like it looks a little bit too light, just add your favourite lip liner underneath. Get the Lipstick here.

#2 MAC ‘Lady Danger’ – Creamy matte finish

Fall is not a reason to give up on bright, hot red-orange lipstick! This is a colour that every woman should pull off from time to time, it’s impossible not to look irresistible wearing this kind of shade. It’s also a very good and easy way to give an unexpected twist to a basic look. Shop the lipstick here.

#3 ESTEE LAUDER ‘120 Desirable’ – Satin finish

As the name of this shade says, this lipstick definitely gives a desirable look. The texture of this lipstick is simply amazing, it quickly became one of my favourite lipsticks because of many reasons: as I said, the creamy texture is purely delicious, it sits great on the lips without accentuating any lines or dry patches, the pigment is intense and it fades away beautifully leaving a nice stain on the lips. I feel like it almost makes the lips look fuller and juicier! Get it here.

#4 NARS ‘Ingrid’ – Creamy Matte finish

I’ve talked about this lipsticks in my previous articles, this vampy blackberry shade is all you can wish for a classic fall look. It’s long lasting, feels amazing and the pigment is definitely there. Shop the lipstick here.

#5 ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Lip Palette – Creamy Matte finish

This is literally all the lipstick you need, especially if you are a make-up artist. This palette offers endless possibilities! Exactly like paint, you can achieve any shade that you ever wished for, a little bit of colour theory & some play time and you would love this as much as I do. I will show you some shades that I’ve created with this one. Get the palette here.

Top 5 creamy lipsticks

Hopefully you will find at least one favourite from this creamy lipsticks top!


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Xoxo, Claudia!

Photo credits: Claudia Neacsu (main), Anca Cheregi, Alex Matei,