If you love Romanian design, please step in

Band of Creators is a story about passion for fashion and two lovely Romanian entrepreneurs. Five years ago, two friends and partners in crime decided to take the plunge and do something for the very talented new generation of Romanian designers. They created the online shop followed soon by a showroom in the city center of Bucharest.

They easily evolved from featuring 7 designers, to over 40 names, mainly from Romania, but also Central and Eastern Europe. Actually this is one of their long term plans: the development of their portfolio with designers in the area. The e-shop and showroom management take a lot of time, but between managing a business and selecting labels, the team behind Band of Creators also takes time to create special events, connecting designers and their audience.

At the moment you can shop for designers such as: Ioana Ciolacu, Bianca Popp, Noon, Spoff, Pas du tout, Ana Maria Gal, Snob, Florentina Giol, Atribut, Smaranda Almasan or Edita Lupea, some of them exclusively featured here.

Take a look at the shop and a selection of products and tell us: what would you choose?

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