Shopping for guys can be difficult, as gifts need to be both beautiful and practical, fashionable but with a hint of technology and reflective of their personality.

So, to make things easier for you we have a great shopping list for the men in your life. Choose the category that best fits your man and the price range and you are ready to shop!

#Boots – any man needs a pair of statement boots – an item that seems much cooler than any other type of shoe, due to their undoubted personality. The suede Chelsea boots are the pair of the moment, so a great purchase for your guy – please don’t confuse them with the casual Dessert boots – they have a casual shape, but a classy line.

  1. Topman Chelsea boots – the affordable version, buy here
  2. Common Projects boots – medium price and my favorites, buy here
  3. YSL boots – the premium version, buy here

#Backpack – not seen as a sporty item lately, but a very cool alternative for a briefcase, going perfectly with his navy blazer and button down shirt. When it comes to backpacks you can go for an affordable, but very well crafted version, or for luxury pieces. I also included a suggestion for your sporty friend (appropriate for the guy who practically sleeps at the pool or on the tracks – he’ll be grateful for the gift).

  1. DiAmanti leather backpack – affordable version, buy here
  2. Tom Ford backpack – buy here
  3. Sporty backpack – buy here

#GPS Smartwatch – because any respectable guy who works out, needs a good smartwatch. You can go for the classic version with basic movement notifications, but there are other smarter versions now. For example, you could buy a GPS multi sports watch, which will help him monitor any sport, be it running, hiking or snowboard. What do you think?

  1. Vivoactive HR – the affordable item, buy here
  2. Fenix 3 HR – premium version, buy here
  3. Fenix Cronos – luxury piece, buy here

#Headphones/speaker – for the music lovers out there who can’t go anywhere without their favorite tunes. They’ll love you for paying attention and encouraging their passions – serious girlfriend points on the horizon.

  1. UE Boom speaker – comes in lots of colors and is practically waterproof – it’s our affordable version, here
  2. B&O Play headphones – the stylish leather version that works great with those Chelsea boots – it’s the premium version of this gift, here
  3. Jaybird X3 headphones – waterproof and specially designed for athletes, here

Now that you’ve seen the list, what seems more appealing for your guy?