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Always in the market for new things, always shopping minimal pieces, always thinking about the next holiday destination. Get to know what I love through the pieces on HipBoulevard and the inspiration boards at AreWeNow.com


Mind management is life management. I guess this would be #inspirational for a neuroscience blog. Still, I think I manage to put here a lot of the nice things from the lovable part of my life. For more serious "business" check my agenda on www.Papersuede.com


Beauty is so simple, yet so dainty. Beauty is everywhere, but you have to search for it. Beauty is honest, even if it's confusing. Beauty is active evolution, rather than static. Beauty is friendship, not competition. Beauty is aesthetically imperfect with a mysterious twist. My playground:


A passionate connoisseur of all things concerning men's lifestyle, from shoes and ties to the newest gadgets on the market. Fashion entrepreneur, creator and developer of Mosetti, a made to measure suits brand. Doing everything with a twist.