Or your face in Summer. You decide.

If you’re just a little tiny bit like me, you avoid make-up in the summer. It’s not the runny feeling (that doesn’t exist with good products), rather the idea that you have a second face keeping you even warmer than the summer sun. But if your face is anything like my face, it will give you a gentle nudge from time to time. Something to cover, something to highlight, something to illuminate.

And this brings me to the topic we’re all here about – a holy minimal beauty case for flawless skin and catty eyelashes. No lipstick during hot days – you’ll get colour from all that icecream.

#The Foundation

I’m gonna go with a recent discovery. The Givenchy Teint Couture, with a satin finish prolonged wear. It’s light enough to keep you feeling natural, but strong enough to give you a full face, morning ’till evening. It comes in 20 shades and it has a much desired SPF 20. Give it a go, thank me later.

#The Illuminator

For all of you who disregard this type of product, just try it once. Look in the mirror, bat your eyelashes, feel completely satisfied. The Estee Lauder Radiant Perfecting Primer & Finisher will give you the most natural of shines. Less pores, less lines (rhyme not intended, but welcomed) and a light nourishment for your face. All you could ask for, really!

#The Mascara

I think mascara leads the ranking of the most used cosmetic products in L-land (that is my beauty pouch, yes it has a name, get over it). All day, every day, mascara is there, as a trusted friend. Queue to Lancome’s Hypnose Mascara. Perfect shade of black, perfect finish, perfect lasting and perfect removal. There you have it!

These are the products I could swear by and all of them have such nice stories and looks that they inspired these little artsy collages. That’s just me when I really, really like something!

Now, for more practical information – click on the links if you want to get your set of 3 and know all products are available online and in store, at your local Sephora.

*Inspiration outfits & main pic, via Pinterest.