The socks are here to stay, apparently. And here’s what I have to say about them!

I need to be totally honest with you guys – at the very beginning I hated them. Yes, it’s a strong word, but the way I felt about shoes & socks resembled the way I felt about color RED. Yucks! However, winter came, nicer socks were invented and my cold heart started to melt. The result? I am now always searching for cool socks to wear.

I must admit though, I wouldn’t wear them with heels as I think the combo looks better with boots or sneakers, but I still appreciate the cool outfits seen on the streets. This is why I decided to give you a guide on how to wear socks in Spring.

Now, a short list of the most fashionable socks: FISHNETS (in all shapes and lengths – and now in all colors – step away from black, step away, ladies), tulle socks (new entry for spring), sheer socks with little stars or hearts or Disney characters, woolly socks with different patterns & colors, message socks, sports socks (bleah!), over the knee socks (so sexy) and last, but not least, lace socks.

And as you expect, here is the Pinterest inspiration.

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Time for shopping! I would go for the Gucci lace-ups ANYTIME!


  • ASOS Crochet Ankle Socks, here
  • ASOS Sheer Ankle Socks, here
  • ASOS Fishnet Yellow Socks, here
  • Wolford Crystal Socks, here
  • Gucci Knee Socks, here
  • Kate Spade, Heart Socks, here

Tell us how you like this trend, if you’ve ever tried it and how you plan to wear your socks for spring