Oh, NY streets, you’ve been so good to us!

Yes, they have! Lots of interesting, very well put together outfits on the streets these days – celebrities, bloggers, models, fashion insiders and simple wannabes – they all seem to adhere to one trend – Normcore with a twist. Or should I call it Normfur?

I don’t know if it’s the international complicated climate and all the misfortune in the world, but people attending NY FW have turned it down a notch. Not that doesn’t bother me, it’s quite refreshing to see outfits that you could actually mimic if you got the urge. Everyone seemed well bundled up, with their accessories in check and no sign of excess anywhere.

Oh, and I should explain the Normfur reference – fur seemed to be on everybody’s shoulders. I really liked Giovanna’s embroidered two piece, you’ll see it below.

So, let’s see what NY FW had to offer street style wise. All images are courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar US and are taken by Diego Zuka.