Grandma’s handmade sweater would look sweet just about now, but if you have to tour stores for the item, we have a great selection. Get shopping, be done with the chilly days, already.

If it were up to me all sweaters would be in dark colors and a bit oversize (to keep extra warm), but you deserve more, so we have 4 broad categories today: dark, bright, light and, of course, the message knits. Get inspired by the looks and then click on the links below to purchase the gems.

#Dark. I told you I like dark, so I’m starting with these. Black, dark grey, navy blue, forest green, burgundy – love them all. You can wear the chunky versions with leather skirts, jeans, preppy pants, leggings or culottes and keep the silky versions for your business looks. Don’t forget that darker pieces allow you to play with tones and shapes and all this could lead to some rather interesting silhouettes.

dark sweater

MSGM blocks knit here, Free People sweater here, Off-white off the shoulder knit here, McQueen bell shape here, Milly Braid crop sweater here, Dion Lee open back sweater here

#Bright. Not a color person as you might have noticed by now, but could go for this dusty mauve at Mango. Would wear these pieces for cheery day outfits alongside a big, matchy smile (yes, I’m talking about lipstick)!

bright sweater

Mango wool here, Ulla Johnson knit here, BDG Turtleneck here

#Light. Another personal favorite, because, again, goes with almost everything. I love mixing and matching and these bright knits go extremely well with silky or lacey pieces. Give it a try for an out of the ordinary look.

light sweater

J.W. Anderson sweater here, Endless Rose Ruffle Sleeve here, Tibi silk panel blouse here 

#Message. Yes, a message on a knit, nothing unusual here. You can go with a brand name or a rather funny/ironic message. Oh, and if Grandma is at hand, you can even have your own message spelled out on the sweater. Wouldn’t that be cool?

message sweater

Givenchy sweater here, Alice+Olivia knit hereSJYP SJYP cable knit here

Tell us what you think, what you like, want you crave and what you end up buying. Oh, and show us the look!