Say ‘Bye-bye’ to fear of uneven Eyeliner Wings!

Everybody seems to be scared of the Eyeliner, so I decided to do a smart guide that helps you achieve your own perfect Cat Eye!

Probably the most frequently asked question that I get being a Make-up Artist is: ‘How can I get the perfect Eyeliner Wings?’. People usually think that, because I am a Make-up Artist, I can handle Eyeliner very easily, without doing mistakes, which is definitely wrong. I just know how to correct my mistakes for a clean look.

Depending on the look that you want to achieve, your eye shape and your eye color you can play with different Eyeliner textures, colors and finishes.


The most important advice that I give to all of my clients is to look forward in the mirror while choosing the direction of the wing. Only when you look straight you can tell how your flick is going to look with your eyes open. From this part, all you have to do is dotting some points that you can easily connect afterwards.

Talking about textures, you can use:


If you are a beginner, you can start doing wings with black or brown eye shadow. It’s less scary in texture, a little bit more easy to correct and has a softer finish. INGLOT eye shadows are very pigmented and they can be bought separately. Details here.



Precision – this option is for those who want very slim & sharp lines, you can just enhance the lashline with a very thin line or you can perfect a very sharp wing with this kind of product. MELKIOR Liquid Eyeliner ‘Black’. The color is very intense, it dries completely matte and it has a very fine tip. Details here.




This one is a more malleable and it gives a little bit more time to play with than the liquid one. MAC Fluidline ‘Black Track’ is cool because you can also add it to the waterline, it’s very smooth and creamy. You can apply it with an eyeliner brush and it dries matte and waterproof. Details here.



Missing Primary School? Take yourself a marker-like Eyeliner! The finish of this one is softer, similar to the Eye shadow effect, but a little bit more precise. RIMMEL LONDON ScandalEyes Precision-Micro-Eyeliner is very consumer-friendly. Details here.


TIP: After choosing how BOLD you want your look to be, remember that (almost) any mistake can be corrected, so don’t worry too much about that. You can always clean up your wing with a little bit of concealer on a slim, angular brush, or cotton buds and make-up remover.

Enjoy your Cat Eyes!

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