Oh, fall and all your wardrobe goodies! You bring us scarves and challenge our creativity!

We browsed Pinterest for you – so you don’t waste valuable time – and found out first hand how fashionistas all over the world wear their scarves. Whether you choose a slim silky piece or bundle up in a cashmere beauty, we got the looks for you.

#The Frenchie is a style that never goes out of fashion – take a colorful silk scarf and tie it with a simple knot around your neck. Wear it with a smile, red lipstick and a positive attitude.

french scarf

#Over-the-shoulder shows that you are relaxed and fun and cool and always ready for a rebellious act. We like the black and white print for this look because it adds some bad chick vibes.

over the shoulder scarf

#Bundled up is for when you are really cold or get that feeling that you need to get out of that place (even if mentally) immediately. It works with basically everything and we’re sure you’ll find some creative pairings. In fact, we would actually like to see said pairings.

bundle up scarf

As for shopping the item, you can get the very affordable versions in fast-fashion stores or you can go for a highly designed pieces. In the end it is all about the way you integrate a scarf intro your daily outfit and how you feel about yourself while wearing it.

These being said, tell us, what’s your style for this Fall?