What type of bride are you? Maybe a Maison Raquette kind?

This is not a classic line of bridal gowns embellished with tones of crystals and pearls. The only things related to pearls here are the color and pureness. How about that? Cut the unnecessary and let your feminine allure stand out!

The new Maison Raquette Bridal collection is anything but traditional. The designers recall Hispanic and bohemian influences that can be seen in the flamboyant sleeves and the large frills.

The spaghetti straps of the dresses give the items a flawless, contemporary feel. At the same time, the tailored suits look more empowering than a future bride can imagine.

Sensual and unexpected for such a ceremony, the budoir waistcoat with suspenders is definitely for the free spirited!


maison-raquette 1 maison-raquette 2 maison-raquette-bridal

In conclusion, you need to check this all-white collection in their showroom starting March 2017. Info right here.