Street style looks, that is.

This is a complicated job I allotted myself. Put together a list of the best looks roaming the streets of NY during FW. But I took it! I sorted through hundreds of photos on all the best websites out there, browsed Facebook & Instagram, peeked at my friends Pins. I did it all, guys.

And now I’m at a loss for words. The street fashion is so lively, so different, so eclectic that I just can’t put it into the proper words. You’ll see feminine outfits next to grunge looks, some see-through blouses next to a masculine suit, a pink color block combo next to an all black nun-like dress. What do I do?

After a great deal of deciding and un-deciding, I knew there was only one way: KEYWORDS! So here you have them, the keywords best describing the street style of NYFW so far. Hiuh!

HOT colors: pink, yellow, cobalt blue, red

PRINTS over prints over prints


70’s, 80’s, 90’s fashion – separate and all in one

GRANNY looks

MANLY looks

Kitten heels & flats


SMALL bags





Photos from refinery29 & vogue.