So cool!

You don’t know this, but I’ve been in a decorating frenzy for the last couple of months. When enthusiasm turned into burning the midnight oil carefully painting my coffee table, I needed some help. That’s when I found these marvelous things. The decorating apps.

See a short list below! (figure them out by yourselves, I still have some painting to do)

Color Capture

This is like the most useful tool ever, because how often can you change wall color? It helps you envision your room in any given color in the Benjamin Moore range – and they have lots of colors! Also try it with your kitchen cabinets or your bathroom tiles. The app is available for both Android and iOS users, look it up!

View in my Room

Great if you’re trying to buy some furniture and really can’t picture the pieces in your house. It basically takes a photo of your space and virtually inserts the furniture you choose. Approach with care, it increases your chances of hitting the Buy button! Available for free download on iOS.


Very useful for the times you and your significant other just can’t agree on the color scheme of your house. Just create a custom palette within the app and you’ll be sure that greige goes awesome with the not-so-blue-turcoise. Thank me later!

Try On Wall

If you’re an artsy couple, you both have your art. But do they blend? Try it all with this app, no unnecessary drilling on the horizon. Muahaha!

If you know any uber useful decorating apps please leave a comment below, I’m sure my remodeling time is not over yet!

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