And you thought I was going to say Christmas!

I could’ve, but it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that matters! If you’re just a little bit like me, you believe that winter holidays are more less about the store brought merch and more about the feelings invested. (A pair of over the knee boots are always great under the tree, but that’s another story).

Keeping that in mind I thought I’d show you some pretty ways to bring some soul intro your gift wrapping and house personalizing, using eco and friendly materials. Thank the deco gods, this time of the year we have all sorts of natural goodies: tree branches, mistletoe, cinnamon bars, all sorts of dried fruits and those little lovely red berries which always bring it up a notch. Don’t be afraid to use some natural looking paper and yarn for your gifts, the DIY deco and your big smile will be just enough for your loved ones.

So, few places where you can put your skills and love for natural deco to the test

#Gifts, always gifts. Try to coordinate all the presents under the Christmas tree. It will be so Instagram worthy!

#Table setting. Use some dry oranges and limes for visual effect and wrap your napkin in some natural vine.

#Christmas tree. There are plenty of natural options to decorate the tree – either store bought or home made. Go for the latter, it will also create some great family memories.

#General home improvement. Use natural wreaths for your doors or even inside walls. Decorate them lightly or just add some twinkling lights.

Some more inspiration below, so take a look and start a shopping list for eco goodies. After the deed is done, send us some pics, would you, please? Facebook also counts.