You’re the art that needs to be displayed on your walls. Through a well chosen mirror.

Whenever you decorate a room you will need a mirror. Be it a small one for make up or a large one for impressing guests. We have your back – check our vintage, romantic shortlist. You know these are the best kind of mirrors.

The Chippendale is a classic – goes well in aristocratic ballrooms or your usual living room in a corner, all by itself. You can find it here.

chippendale mirror

Then we have the massive mirror which will look great either in a decadent space or, on the contrary, in a very white and architectural setting. Get it here, although it’s a little stiff.

vintage mirror

The his and hers gives a nice touch to a family room. Would you get it here?

twin mirror

And if you’re tired of all these dreamy vintage inspired mirrors (impossible) go for the more modern choice. This cloud shaped mirror is great for an airy bedroom. Get it here.

cloud mirror

And we kept uber modern last, so here you have it, tiny little mirror pieced held together in a rather interesting shape. For tiny little faces, is it? You can buy it here.


So? What’s it gonna be?