Glass bell decoration – inspiration and shopping

A friend sent me a link with these beauties a few weeks ago and I’ve waited for a quiet moment to make an article out of them. I loved the idea of glass bells and butterflies/seashells, so there you go, a nice&easy diy or ready to order object for your home!


Place the bell on your coffee table for an impactful detail. It’s a good idea only if you don’t have kids ­čÖé Another option is to put a glass cloche over a stack of old books and choose a vintage lamp to light the “composition”. What a charming effect!


Collect interesting seashells from your trips and place them under a tall glass bell. This one would look great on your kitchen table or window. You don’t need to have a nautical theme on the room in order to adopt the idea!


Feathers and white shells? So inspired! glass-bell-seashells

I stumbled upon the Ethan Allen glass cloche series. It’s unexpected, whimsical, and fun. In 19th century England, in the days of Darwin and discovery, the curiosities of the natural world were a cultural obsession. Collectors, scientists, gardeners, and hobbyists displayed fragments of their fascination in cloches like these. The resin triton shell below is cast from nature, then cleaned, shaded, and finished entirely by hand.

Ethan Allen cloche here. Stonebriar glass bell here. Pier 1 butterfly tree here.

Does this idea of glass bells fit your interior decor?