The only way to Christmas!

We here, at Hip Boulevard, have unravelled a decoration fantasy we have in common. A bourgeois, sort of Paradiso Perduto, Christmas setting. Sheer fabrics, vintage looking glasses, diamond sparkles here and there, a mysterious combination between luxury and dusty, between modern and decadent. Some old Holywood vibe, a Great Gatsby feeling and an overall story-like feeling. Get where I’m going with this?

Well if you do, I won’t just leave you hanging like this, tossing and turning about how and when and where and all those existential questions out there. Here are some ideas, to get you in the mood, all via Pinterest.

If you’d like to recreate your own bourgeois table decor (as featured in the main picture of the article), please know that all decoration pieces come from the affordable, yet treasury store Meli Melo┬áDeco. Below are some of my favourite items for the season and I’m not afraid to share – we already got our goodies!

And to ease things up for you, click on each name to get to the link: Embroidered Trey, Photo Frame, Decorative vintage apple, Water dispenser, Wine bottle, Champagne glass, Water glass, Decorative leaf tray.

I would so very like to hear about your Christmas set-up so be sure to drop us a line, here in the comments or directly on Facebook! Cheers!

PS. All decoration pieces in the main photo are hand picked from the Meli Melo Deco collection.