Home or abroad, your Christmas makeup must be on fleek!

How to do it? Go for quality essential products that give you a classy and refined look! Even though glitter is trending now, if you relay on basic makeup products, you won’t use it more than twice a year. So, shop a few items that will be on heavy rotation all year long. 2019 that is 🙂 If you already have what you need, then just follow some great inspiration!

Let’s get started! We have listed 5 steps for this sleek Christmas makeup.

Step 1: Priming well.

When did you hear, for the first time, about the benefits of a primer? Me – 12 years ago. But I wasn’t using it back then, because I couldn’t understand its purpose. Now, I can feel the concealer, foundation and eye shadows sit smoothly on the skin thanks to it. Being cold, do whatever you can to keep hydration levels high. Use this Prep&Hydrate product from Lancome because it delivers a dewy glow thanks to the hyaluronic acid and rose essence!

Prep-Hydrate Lancome

Step 2: Concealing the obvious.

In this hectic life, there’s no day without a good concealer! Can you confirm? 🙂 I chose this one from Shiseido – being a stick formula, it has high coverage, good enough to last during all your parties and Christmassy visits.

Click the photo to see more.

Shiseido-Concealer-Perfecting stick - Christmas Makeup

Step 3: Eye on that eyeliner.

I deeply recommend this black liner from L’Oreal! I’ve been using it for more than a year now and it’s flawless! It stays in place for hours and it’s waterproof without flaking.

Order here at Douglas.

Loreal Paris Eyeliner_Pure blackrosie huntington - christmas makeup

Step 4: Classic red for a sleek Christmas makeup

I wouldn’t want to live without the black liner and the red lipstick! Essential for confidence 🙂 Yves Saint Laurent launched a holiday edition of the Rouge Pur Couture and the shades look stunning! This signature colour will complement a cat-eye, but also a porcelain skin with just some mascara on the lower lash line. You can prime the lips if your skin is dry and afterwards apply the YSL lipstick with a slim brush.

ysl lipstick red - christmas makeup

Step 5: Highlight like you mean it!

Probably one of the most talked about products this year – the highlighter – comes in different textures. How to opt for the right one? There is no right one. Choose it depending on the occasion (some are more intense than others), on the type of light you have where you do your makeup look (believe me, if you have poor lighting in your room, use a pigmented liquid glow and go out, you’ll scare your boyfriend) or on the time you have to apply your Christmas makeup. These details might seem funny or useless, but actually they’re not. When I need to be ready in 10 minutes, I go for a powder highlighter to control faster the amount of product and the final effect.

This festive season you can be pretty vulgar! Literally! The shimmering highlighter below has light reflecting particles. So glow from any angle and feel more than pretty! Happy holidays!

Pretty_Vulga-Highlighter-Christmas Makeup

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