Are you in the mood for some color coordination?
I sure am!

During the years we have all gotten the matchy-matchy fever. Not the regular purse/belt old-fashioned matching, but new (innovative) ways: shoes & nails, lipstick & blouse, scarf & skirt, you know the drill. I have a new challenge for you: match your outfit with something else – your favorite cosmetic product.

But first I challenged myself with the same task and on the way I found some really cool Douglas products. They are perfect for summer & their colors are so inspiring! So here is what I did: I chose the magic boxes and bottles and tried to match them with some cool street style looks. See my approach, below.

#Dusty Pink – I love pink accents in outfits, they can balance an edgy look and show the fascinating feminine duality. This is why I would pick the combination below: a romper & the soothing Hydrating Mist from Douglas.

#Orange – What would summer be like without a hot orange outfit? I think the color looks great for silky numbers and bronzed skin. This is why my happy outfit matches this Sensitive Sun Lotion from Douglas. Chek it out!

#Deep Blue – it’s the summer version of blue if you ask me and it’s a color I’d wear all day, every day. Maybe because it reflects the basic denim hue and it’s inspiring for countless combinations. Here’s a very actual look paired with an absolute beauty product: the Night Gel Mask.

#Yellow – Just because what better time to wear yellow than summer? My advice is to pick a yellow item and pair it with neutrals for a maxi lady-like effect. Add the light Hairspray for a wavy look and you’re good to go.

#Aquamarine – can you say island life? No more to add to an inspiring light turquoise accent outfit than a fancy set of Makeup Brushes.

Here you go, tell me what you think and most of all take a look at the Douglas Collection products. They are delish!

Outfit photos are scooped on Pinterest, from: 15×, Felicia Sapountzi, collagevintage,, Cover photo: Douglas.