Do you feel it coming? The grand Christmas dinner with friends and family. And do you look forward to everyone getting overjoyed by your table setting? We dooo!

While mom takes care of the cooking, we’ll help you take care of the table setting. Here are some great ideas that can give you the general feel, but please add your personal touches and don’t be afraid to think outside the classic table setting.

  1. Use some neutral colors and add a pop of red for that festive feel.
  2. You can also go for the all white/grey look for a dreamy setting – add some natural decorations and star shaped candles for a maxi effect.
  3. Option number three – and my all time favorite, of course – includes some black and dark gray tones in the shape of table cloths or napkins. Surely going to try this one!

And a little bit of extra inspiration for you – the greatest decorations I’ve seen all season!


Now you have the ground rules: get shopping and start working on your table setting!