If there is something related to house prepping that you like before holidays is doing the Christmas decoration.

Not so thrilled about the cleaning, but engaging in some DIY can be really relaxing! We chose a few simple deco ideas that can make your home cosy and festive. You can recycle old vases and decorations. Extras? Paint, wood panels and bows.

Maybe you have these white ceramics at home all dusty. It’s time to give them a Christmas-y face by filling them inside with branches and cones. Place the vases next to a mirror to make the space more spectacular.

christmas decoration

You can put these wood and paper trees together “working” with your loved one. He can cut the wood discs and you can print and crease the paper. The sticks can be chosen from a skewers set. For extra shine, spray some gold dust over them.

Christmas decoration

This is easy-peasy, but so festive! You can buy these lantern-style objects in wood or metal at any bricolage or home&deco store. Mix a bunch of globes inside and tie a printed bow on top. You can play with other items and place a Santa in one of the supports.

Christmas decoration ideas: inspiration

This idea looks so basic, but we think it’s pretty charming! Place the wood decorations on top of a fireplace or on the desk to make it more playful. The design can be made with a sticker or painted.


Here are some products that can embellish any home. Take a look!

Winstpakker pack here. Lantern here. Wood&jar here.

Rattan lantern here. Wood frame here. Ceramic vase here.

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