Yes, a mural, don’t make that face!

I know there were times when murals were considered tacky, but not anymore, darlings! The all mighty Pinterest provides us with some serious inspiration that really makes me wanna go out and buy some brushes and paint or whatever.

Check out the examples below and we’ll see how you feel next. After hours of swooning over my search I am now able to provide you with some information on trends in this area. Yes, there are trends and yes, I took time lo list them!

Number one is FLOWERS! The bigger the better, but so delicate and artsy and colorful and super springy!

Then there is famous ART reproduced on a bigger scale – just take a look at the reproduction of Van Gogh – love it!

Last, but not least, we have misty mountains, sleepy fields and gloomy LANDSCAPES – they look so frail and dreamy and gorgeous, even on small walls. Jackpot!

So here is my famous inspiration gallery!

mural (1) mural (2) mural (3) mural (4) mural (5) mural (7) mural (8) mural (9)

And noooow, I have one more lovely, extra lovely wally inspiration for you!

mural extra