Change the flower pot not the flowers!

I’m not a florist as you may know but I’ve been gardening this summer for my own house so I can tell you from a non-expert point of view that it is quite relaxing to learn about plants and pots. I selected a few that can really change the aspect of a deck or room but you must read before you buy about what kind of drainage does your green need.

Bloomy not gloomy that’s my opinion. So choose a fun message pot where you can place some purple campanulla or yellow tulips. What do you think about this one?

flower pot-bloom-and-grow-bloomingville

Do you dig it? If not, just find your sunshine! Lovely in the kitchen with some aromatic plants inside, these orange mugs are easy to handle and color up instantly any boring space. Use them for holding silverware when you want to find them a new purpose. Shop here.


Humour is all you need! The plant may die or fade, it happens, but the pot will always put a smile upon your face and you’ll start over. This Jimmy Hendrix painted piece leaves room for your imagination. Have fun with it! Click the picture for details.


Design lovers this is for you! The incredible Adan Planter by Teresa Sapey, made from polyethylene resin, is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Give it a geometric kick by placing inside a plant that you can trim in all sorts of shapes.


 Enjoy gardening!