All white or raw white interiors?

All-white is not just for hospitals or Maison Margiela, you can try it yourself. If you don’t think you’re talented enough, then hire an interior designer. But before things get too expensive, I propose you to have a look at this new trend. Raw white interiors are natural, uneven and chalky. The surface or textures are, clearly, imperfect and minimal.

If your wardrobe is on point, your home needs to follow. Maybe you can’t update it once in 6 months, but once a year you can change the look of a room or of the garden by painting a wall, going for a mural or picking beautiful art.

The raw white interiors are about arts&crafts. Whether it’s a tile or a piece of deco like a vase, the look is unfinished or unsophisticated. The walls indeed can make a huge difference! If you choose to unveil an old brick, the final effect can be spectacular. Another spot that changes the picture is the floor. Replace the old one or paint it in a raw white with the help of a handy team.

Last but not least, check the vintage fairs and online shops for “dusty” chairs, lamps or nightstands that can easily be refurbished in your desired off-shade.

How to do that bathroom redesign right? Think about new simple tiles and copper taps. A white pot or frame can complete the trendy concept.

Raw white interiors - design bathroom

This tall bedroom becomes so cosy thanks to the all-white furniture and floor bed. You’d say a bed cover is a simple thing but look how this one puts everything together! Raw white interiors - design bedroom

Modern Scandinavian furniture finds its place in this old-style building. The walls seem original and the decorations are tasteful. Raw white interiors - living

Truly inspirational, this white and charcoal grey interior is made for pictures. And infinite brunches. I bet wine tastes so good when served at that table!  Raw white interiors - livingroom

A corner of design. Frugal yet rich in history. Therefore authentic.Raw white interiors - table

These are a few deco items you might like to add to your raw white interiors:

Rustic Pure vase here / Global Views stool here / Crockery Jug here

Photos: Pinterest