There’s something that you probably like more than Greek food – Greek style decor

Vacation may be over but coming home to a breezy, mesmerizing place is bliss. That’s why after reading you’ll go insane. We just hope you won’t break all the plates! 


This decor is so clean and peaceful! You wouldn’t mind spending here some extra hours watching your favorite movie series. The Greek motif blanket is a key element but also the white wood beams. Open the window and let the good mood in!greek interior design

Almost anything can taste delicious when eating in such a room. The vintage wooden sofa/bench has a certain charm while the blue doors and majestic mirror make a great eclectic decor. Your dining room may not have so many doors but light-up the space with plants and big mirrors.

greek interior design7

Architectural Digest

All white but the blues. For a “permanent holiday” certificate you need this bright corner for coffee in the morning or reading on Sundays. You can look for a similar round table at an antiques store, the pillow covers can be sewn by yourself if you’re into a little diy, as for the arm chair, pick a white textured fabric and put it on top of an old piece of furniture that you already have.

greek interior design2

Wood and clay – such a relaxed mix of colors and materials. If you have an open livingroom+terrace or livingroom+dining, then choose some carved stools, big clay pots and a traditional rug. It won’t look like this but if there are elements that fit your home’s aesthetic, then go for it!

greek interior design3

This is so simple to do if you have open cabinets in the kitchen. Buy a few white cotton curtains from a local shop or let your mom do it. For an artistic effect, throw some cooking books on the table. Perfect for a Greek style decor 😉

greek interior design4

The wood looks so nice against the grey cement wall. The his and hers sinks are a smart idea if you have similar morning schedules. The industrial suspended mirrors could be replaced with old metallic truck mirrors. What do you say?

greek interior design6

Wood bench here. Porcelain vase here. Mirror here.

Glass top coffee table here. Mirror top coffee table here. Plate here.

Which is your favorite?