Inserting sun indoors with yellow sofas

For a piece of furniture that you sit in daily, the sofa is an important key in the comfort, but also design of your living room. Many times I see that the couch is just blending in the decor. Still, you can make a shift and transform the sofa into a focal point. Why yellow? Well, it’s a positive shade that can be happily combined with prints or color blocks.

Now let’s see what I’ve found on the corners of the Internet!

When I said mixing yellow with prints I was serious! These braided baskets and pillows are an amazing touch to a Mexican inspired interior. The sharp edges of the sofa are softened by the whimsical palette. Therefore, do try this at home!

yellow sofas vase prints interior design

Now this round-y sofa is combined with rough textures such as the rug and the asymmetric wooden table. If you don’t have enough light in the room then this piece of furniture can open up the space. Add some flower pots and more than two reading lamps for more personality.

The yellow, black and white color blocking is truly sophisticated. Fantastic for a Parisian inspired home, the mix&match style is made of simple, clean elements. Of course, the floor to ceiling windows help bring out the best in everything but you still have the unconventional wall paint and chandelier to  make the room more dramatic!

yellow sofas couch interior design

Minimal, yet placed in a historical building, this living room is eye-catching! The furniture and lighting fixtures are modern, while the flooring keeps its classical look. I love that side lamp, though unpractical for some, I think it’s very impactful.

yellow sofas couch design minimal decor

The yellow sofas can be part of a cosy, heritage-like interior as well. Look at this traditional house with its plaid curtains and stacked book shelves! This sunny couch is made for lazy days and hot teas.

yellow sofas couch design classic

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Photos: Pinterest