That nail polish color that makes you double tap

Did I insinuate that it’s all about Instagram? Didn’t want to, sorry. Whether you have the blues for Facebook or declared love to Pinterest, there’s a color for you out there!

Usually, every woman has 3 or 4 shades that she uses for years. This fidelity is something hard to understand. Some like pastels and nudes, some bright bold hues and others the dark ones. It’s true that depending on your skin tone there are some more appropriate than others, but usually it’s personal style talking.

Still, let’s try to make an exercise and add a few interesting nail polish colors to our palette! When you’re lacking inspiration, think about the app that’s taking you more than 1 hour a day.

The Pinterest red

This shade is a Pantone 200C – a dark red with wine and pink undertones. Pinterest is the epitome of sharing inspirational images about everything related to lifestyle, decor, cooking etc. Their logo color isĀ therefore bright, versatile and … great for your nails too.

Here are a few brands that have a similar nail polish color:

Anny – Olivia Was Here / Habit Nail Polish – Hussy / Essie – Too Too Hot

The Twitter blue

The Twitter birdie is a Pantone 298C – that means a bright blue. This social platform is about quick, short communication so the shade is open, positive, fresh.

Havana Dance – Trou de Lapin / Orly – Sea You Soon / Zoya – Juvia

Instagram nail polish color palette

One of the most engaging social platforms of all has a gradient logo, which goes from blue, purple to sunset hues. Not sure how to translate that into a beauty code? Here are three ideas.

  • Opt for a rainbow shimmery polish.
  • Get a gradient effect using a multi color set – this is great for oval shapes. Here’s a tutorial.
  • Use nail tapes to do stripes with these vibrant tones.

Finger Paints – Surreal Sunset hereĀ  / Deborah Lipmann set here

You too, Facebook?

The most popular social network of all times has a classic blue in its logo. As I found (it may be just close to), it’s a Pantone 301C. Calm, trustful, wise – that’s the interpretation of such a hue. See below how to paint yourself

Nars – Night Out here / OPI – Got the Blues here / Jinsoon – Cool Blue here


Photo main: Nagi Sakai for Harper’s Bazaar Spain